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Play and Learn™ Series
Our Meet the Composer | Play and Learn™ series give kids an opportunity to do more than just play the music of the great composers. This series includes a premium graded piano arrangement, our Hey Kids, Meet the Composer biography, and two activity worksheets.

Canon in D | Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo - Play and Learn™ Series
Moonlight Sonata | Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo - Play and Learn™ Series
The Entertainer | Intermediate/Level 3 Piano Solo - Play and Learn™
The Entertainer | Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo - Play and Learn™

Music Lesson Packs
Just print and teach! Our music lesson packs provide everything you need to make your lessons a hit with your students.

Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) | Comic Strip Worksheet and Lesson Plan
Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) | Music Lesson Pack

Listening Maps and Listening Glyphs
Designed for the music classroom, our printable listening maps and listening glyphs turn listening to music into a visual learning experience.

In the Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg) | Listening Map
Kangaroo from Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saens) | Listening Map
Surprise Symphony (Haydn) | Listening Map and Lesson
Messiah/Hallelujah Chorus (Handel) | Listening Map
St. Patrick's Day | Listening Glyph
John Williams | Film Score Music Listening Glyphs
Star Wars (John Williams) | Music Listening Glyph
Jurassic Park (John Williams) | Music Listening Glyph
Indiana Jones (John Williams) | Music Listening Glyph
Easter (Vivaldi "Spring") | Listening Glyph
Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) Listening Glyph

Bulletin Board Posters
Our bulletin board poster packs add pizzazz to your music classroom bulletin boards, while helping kids remember the essential facts about each composer.

Beethoven | Composer of the Month Bulletin Board Pack
Haydn | Composer of the Month Bulletin Board Posters
Prokofiev | Composer of the Month Bulletin Board Pack
Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) | Bulletin Board Pack
John Williams | Composer of the Month Bulletin Board Pack

FunLibs™ | Story and Worksheet
Read the original story, and then make up a silly variation by substituting your own words in the provided blanks.

Peer Gynt FunLib™ (Edvard Grieg) | Story and Worksheet
Nutcracker FunLib™ (Tchaikovsky) | Story and Worksheet

Word Search Worksheets
Build reading skills with our free printable great composer word search worksheets. Let your students know how many words there are to find, and then ask them to complete the wordfind by identifying and circling the keywords found in the biography.

Johann Sebastian Bach | Word Search
Ludwig van Beethoven | Word Search
Leonard Bernstein | Word Search
Johannes Brahms | Word Search
Frederic Chopin | Word Search
Aaron Copland | Word Search
Claude Debussy | Word Search
Antonin Dvorak | Word Search
George Gershwin | Word Search
Edvard Grieg | Word Search
George Frideric Handel | Word Search
Franz Joseph Haydn | Word Search
Scott Joplin | Word Search
Dmitri Kabalevsky | Word Search
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Word Search
Modest Mussorgsky | Word Search
Johann Pachelbel | Word Search
Sergei Prokofiev | Word Search
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov | Word Search
Gioachino Antonio Rossini | Word Search
Camille Saint-Saëns | Word Search
Dimitri Shostakovich | Word Search
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Word Search
Antonio Vivaldi | Word Search
John Williams | Word Search

Multiplication-Connect-the-Dot Worksheets
Build pre-multiplication skills by skip counting with our free printable great composer connect-the-dot worksheets. Then grab the crayons!

Johann Sebastian Bach | Worksheet
Ludwig van Beethoven | Worksheet
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Worksheet

Coloring Pages
Print a free great composer coloring page, grab the crayons, and start the CD. Giving students a coloring page keeps them focused and quite, providing you with an opportunity to introduce the classics.

Johann Sebastian Bach | Coloring Page
Ludwig van Beethoven | Coloring Page
Johannes Brahms | Coloring Page
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Coloring Page
Franz Joseph Haydn | Coloring Page
Scott Joplin | Coloring Page
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Coloring Page
Franz Schubert | Coloring Page
Richard Wagner | Coloring Page

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Introduce kids to the great composers with a "Meet the Composer" Scavenger Hunt worksheet. Print the study guide worksheet and then head to the "Meet the Composer" biographies to hunt for the facts.

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Meet the Composer Job Application Worksheet
Introduce kids to the great composers by asking them to complete an employment application for the composer for your choice.

Meet the Composer Job Application Worksheet

Venn Diagrams
Develop higher order thinking skills in your music students by comparing and contrasting the musical elements your favorite music selections.

Nutcracker Venn Diagram (Tchaikovsky) | Worksheet
Peer Gynt FunLib™ (Edvard Grieg) | Story and Worksheet
Peer Gynt (Edvard Grieg) | Venn Diagram Worksheet

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