Lili Boulanger | Free Composer Coloring Page (Digital Print)

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Lili Boulanger | Free Composer Coloring Page

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About Composer Lili Boulanger

Lili Boulanger (Boo-lawn-jay) was born in Paris, France on August 21, 1893. She was born into a musical family and privileged Parisian musical world. Her dad, Ernest, was a pianist, Paris Conservatory teacher, and winner of the Prix de Rome, a French scholarship for students of the arts. Her mother, Raissa, was an amateur singer.

At the age of two years old, Lili's talent for music was apparent when composer and family friend, Gabriel Fauré, observed that Lili had perfect pitch. It was also at this age that Lili contracted bronchial pneumonia, which weakened her immune system for the rest of her life. Read more...

Lesson Idea

Print this free coloring page, grab the crayons, and start the recording. Giving students a coloring page keeps them focused and quiet, providing you with an opportunity to introduce the classics.

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