Little Sally Walker | Free Music Lesson Plan (Game/Steady Beat)

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This activity is ideal for elementary age kids in grades K-2.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of steady beat as they participate in this "singing" game. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #1 of the National Standards for Music: Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.


'Little Sally Walker' Rhyme (provided within lesson plan)

'Little Sally Walker' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Teach Little Sally Walker. Begin by chanting the lyrics phrase by phrase. When your students have learned the first phrase, move on to the next phrase. Maintain a steady beat throughout this process by tapping the quarter note on your knees.

Little Sally Walker,
Sitting in a saucer,
Rise Sally rise,
Wipe out your eyes,
Turn to the east,
And turn to the west,
And turn to the one that you like best.

Step 2
Ask students to sit in a circle. Choose a student to stand in the middle of the circle. This student will be the first "it" child.

Step 3
Ask students to chant the "Little Sally Walker" rhyme while patching a steady beat on their knees. The "it" student follows the directions provided by the chant.

Little Sally Walker - Sit in the middle of the circle.
Sitting in a saucer - Remain seated.
Rise Sally rise - Stand up.
Wipe out your eyes - Wipe eyes.
Turn to the east - Spin in one direction with right arm extended and index finger pointing at students in the circle.
And turn to the west - Spin in the opposite direction.
And turn to the one that you like best - Stop spinning. This student is the next "it" child.

Step 4
Repeat several times to allow 4-5 students to be selected as the "it" child.

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