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Need a little help with the basics? Learn music theory with Oliver the Octopus and the gang with our interactive games that turn learning into playtime.

Oliver the Octopus Music Theory Arcade - Characters and Games

Meet the Gang
Meet the 'Oliver the Octopus Gang' in a collection of cartoons that are sure to make you giggle.

Oliver's New Yo-Yo: A Lesson in Helping
Oliver will do just about anything to avoid lending a helping hand. Read about the valuable lesson he learns.

Music Theory Arcade Games


Music Press Distress Music Theory Arcade Game
Toss those printable worksheets! Learn to identify six basic rhythms with "Music Press Distress," including whole note, half note, eighth note, dotted half note, and dotted quarter note.

Shark Game

Eek! Shark! Music Theory Arcade Game
Learn your notes names with "Eek! Shark!" Select the treble or bass clef, set the note range that you would like to drill, and play!

Who Are These Music Theory Arcade Games for?

Eek! Shark! and Music Press Distress were created for elementary school age music students to help them build a strong musical foundation. These music theory game is designed to make the repetition required to learn note names and basic rhythms fun. They're designed to help music students practice very specific skills so they can quickly increase their confidence and overall musicianship.

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We have music theory worksheets, games, and flash cards too! Browse the Music Theory index to check out every resource.

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