Eek! Shark! | Music Theory Arcade Game (Note Names)

from the Music Theory Arcade

Snagglebeard’s pirate ship has hit a reef and treasure is falling from the boat. Collect the coins that name the notes correctly before time runs out. But watch out! Wrong answers bring sharks. Three sharks end the game!


Click Start. Select the treble or bass clef and set the note range that you would like to practice. Click Play. (Only for play on destop computer, laptop, or tablet with a keyboard and mouse.)

Expanded Instructions

Eek! Shark! Music Theory Arcade Game makes learning music note names fun.

Devices for Play

Eek! Shark! is only for play on destop computer, laptop, or tablet with a keyboard and mouse.

Set Up

Click the setup button to select a clef. Set the note range by dragging the first and second notes up or down. Click Play.


To play, move the mouse to the right or left to place Oliver under the coin that correctly names the note displayed. Hold the space bar down to catch the coin in the treasure chest. Click the Help button if you would like a hint. Name 15 notes to complete each round before time runs out. Win the game by completing all five levels.

Who is the Eek! Shark! Music Theory Game Arcade for?

Eek! Shark! was created for elementary school age music students to help them build a strong musical foundation. This music theory game is designed to make the repetition required to learn note names fun. By the time students achieve all five levels, their note naming skills will have grown substantially, and they'll be on their way to being great musicians.