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The MMF Music Academy does more than just teach songs. Our lessons, and supporting piano books, worksheets, and games, train kids to become well-rounded musicians. Get started today with piano lessons from an award-winning leader in online elementary music education. Perfect for kids 5-12!

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The Lesson Zone™

Music lesson plans for the elementary music classroom that will send the fun into overdrive.

The Lesson Zone™ (Elementary Music Lesson Plans) Index

Hey Kids, Meet the Composer

Introduce kids to the famous composer's with a Hey Kids, Meet the Composer biography, and then enjoy the supplemental resources including free printable worksheets, sheet music and lesson plans.

Hey Kids, Meet the Composer (Biographies)
Great Composers: Who Get's the Prize for the Biggest Family?

Or browse the following indexes for printable famous composer resources:

Free Sheet Music Index
Meet the Composer | Elementary Music Lesson Curriculum

Hey Kids, Meet the Orchestra

Introduce kids to the instruments of the orchestra with highlights about their history, how they are played, how they are made, and fun facts that are sure to get them talking!

Hey Kids, Meet the Orchestra

Music Theory

Every great musician didn't know a thing when they started. If you're ready to follow in their footsteps this guide is the perfect place to start.

How to Read Music | A Beginner's Guide

Illustrated Music Dictionary for Kids

Find 400+ entries about composers, performers, instruments and musical terms in our illustrated music dictionary.

Illustrated Music Dictionary for Kids

Jazz Index

Introduce kids to the great jazz musicians with biographies that highlight their lives and music.

Jazz Artists Biographies for Kids

Free Online Video Lessons

Play your instrument even better with a free online music lesson.

Free Online Music Lessons Index

MMF Songbook | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

500+ lyrics and rhymes for kids for the music classroom or just for fun.

Action Songs and Rhymes
Animal Songs and Rhymes
International Songs and Rhymes
Bible Songs and Hymns
Christmas, Easter, and Patriotic Kids Songs
Folk Songs for Kids
Lullaby Songs and Rhymes
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes for Kids
Playtime Rhymes
Silly Songs and Rhymes
Traditional Kids Songs and Rhymes

Guitar Chords for Kids

Do you want to learn the chords to a song on the guitar? Check out the Guitar Chord Index for many of your favorite songs.

Beginner Guitar Chords for Popular Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Lead Sheets

Some of the songs in the MMF Songbook are also available as free printable lead sheets, including music, lyrics, and chords. Visit the MMF Songbook Sheet Music Index to check them out.

Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes | Free Sheet Music for Piano, Guitar, and Voice

Boy Scouts | Music Merit Badge Requirements

Find out everything you need to know to earn a boy scout music merit badge.

Boy Scouts | Music Merit Badge Requirements

Orff Instrument Repair

Are your Orff instruments acting up? Fix them yourself with our repair guides.

Orff Xylophone/Metallophone DIY Repair Guide

Music Education Posts

Music education posts that guide and inspire.

How to End the Music Practice Blues: 10 Incredible Games for Kids
Effective Music Lesson Strategies You Can Learn from a Toy
Appreciating the Value of Music Education
National Standards for Music Education
The Orff-Schulwerk Process
Music Builds Smarter Kids
Ten Reasons Kids Benefit from Music Instruction
10 Must-Try Music Classroom Management Tips
How To Play Piano Without Looking

Music Lesson Practicing Tips

How to Be a Music Practice Monster
"Have You Practiced Yet Today?": Great Ideas That End the Nos
How to Make Music Practice Time More Productive
How To Play Piano Without Looking
How to Practice Music Effectively (for Kids)

Music Teacher Associations

Want to get connected with a music teacher association? Here's a list of organizations to consider.

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

Extra Income Ideas for Music Teachers

Want to make the most of your hard earned income? Check out the following posts for money-saving tips.

Ten Tax Saving Tips for Private Music Teachers

Music Projects

Build your own musical instruments with our easy step-by-step plans.

Build a DIY Orff Xylophone | Step-by-Step Woodworking Plans
Make a DIY Trumpet | Step-By-Step Instructions