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By using our site you enter into a relationship with MMF, agreeing you WILL NOT use AdBlock applications to disable the ads that support this site. Businesses operate in two fundamental ways: 1) Asking customers for dollars as payment for a product or, 2) Asking customers to view ads in payment for a product. Unfortunately, AdBlocking visitors not viewing ads in exchange for the resources they download create financial challenges for the families this website supports. To help us continue to provide you with quality free music resources, please disable your AdBlocking application (if you are using one), or whitelist our site. Thanks!

System Viruses and Errors During Website Use

MMF is not responsible or liable for any infections or contaminants to your system, or delays, inaccuracies, errors, or omissions arising out of your use of this site or with respect to the information and materials contained on this site. The entire risk as to the quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, correctness and validity of any material rests with you. and Third-Party Links

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a) Materials are used for educational purposes
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f) All copyright and other proprietary notices are kept intact.

Material Use Guidelines for

No commercial non-education use, resale, or exploitation of material from the site is permitted without the express written permission of MMF (Wave Music, LLC).

Summing It All Up for Our MakingMusic Visitors was created for teachers, students, and folks that love music. Print or read anything you like. Just don't charge people for the free resources you find on our website or copy paid resources for everyone one you know. Thanks!

The Privacy Policy

MMF (Wave Music, LLC) respects the privacy of each visitor, especially kids!

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MMF collects the following non-personal information to assess the value the resources offered:

a) The name of the domain from which visitors access the internet
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e) The e-mail addresses of visitors only when provided, for the purpose of sending information regarding new additions or updates to MMF. We do not share or sell our e-mail list ever.

This information is categorized and stored. It cannot be used to personally identify visitors.

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Questionable Ads on

From time to time objectionable ads are served to our site from Google's ad network. If you come across one, please contact us with information about the ad, including the company and product advertised. Together we can keep a safe and enjoyable resource for everyone.