Beethoven at Bat™ | Music Composer Board Game (Digital Print)

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Beethoven at Bat™ | Music Composer Board Game

Format: PDF/Digital Print

Pages: 10

Product Description

Beethoven at Bat™ | Music Composer Board Game turns America's favorite pastime into a baseball inspired board game that teaches kids interesting and sometimes hilarious facts about our greatest composers. Let's play ball!


Printable Game Board (Two Pages)
Set Up and Game Rules
36 Composer Cards
4 Score Cards

How to Win

Players advance on the game board based on the instructions provided on the composer cards. The first player to earn 10 runs (points) wins the game.

Set Up

1) Tape game board together. (2 pieces of paper)
2) Cut out composer cards and scorecards.
3) Gather 3 game board pawns for each player to use as game pieces and one die to roll.

Game Play

Players draw composer cards to read facts about famous music composers and find out how to advance in the game. Each card instructs the player how to advance:

1) Hit - Card tells player to advance 1, 2, or 3 bases.
2) Fly Ball- Player reads the fact and loudly calls "Fly Ball." The player begins running the bases, tapping each dot on the game board with their pawn. At the same time, the opponent frantically attempts to roll a 1 or 3 to “catch” the fly ball.
3) Home Run - Player runs bases and is awarded 1 point.
4) Foul Ball - No point scored.

Composers Included (Alphabetical Order)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johannes Brahms
Cécile Chaminade
Aaron Copland
Claude Debussy
Duke Ellington
Edvard Grieg
George Frideric Handel
Franz Joseph Haydn
Scott Joplin
Alan Menken
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Modest Mussorgsky
Johann Pachelbel
Richard Rogers
Gioachino Antonio Rossini
Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns
Clara Schumann
Richard M. Sherman
Barbara Strozzi
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Antonio Vivaldi
Richard Wagner
Andrew Lloyd Webber
John Williams

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