Star Wars (John Williams) | Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Digital Print)

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Star Wars (John Williams) | Music Listening Glyph Worksheets

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Want to know what your primary students are hearing in the music you share and open their ears to even more? Listening glyphs allow K-3 students to express what they hear by choosing one crayon or the other, and allow teachers to assess the understanding of an entire class at a glance.

What's a Listening Glyph?

Glyphs are pictures of facts. A listening glyph asks students to identify the "facts" about a musical selection, and then express what they are hearing by choosing one crayon or another.

Example: Students are asked to listen for "Steady Beat." If they hear a steady beat in the music they color Princess Leia's face pink. If they don't hear a steady beat they color her face blue.


1) General Listening Glyph - The first listening glyph is set up for general use with any piece of music. Students will listen for steady beat, tempo, staccato/legato, amplitude (volume), if it's a small or big music group, if they hear singers, and if they hear strings.

2) Listening Glyph for Star Wars "Main Title" - This listening glyph asks students to assess the "Main Title" from the soundtrack.

3) Blank Listening Glyph - This version of the glyph gives the greatest freedom. Blanks are provided so you can choose the things that you'd like your students to listen for.

4) About This Activity - This page includes instructions and extension ideas.


The kids will LOVE this!!! Cute! - Lori F.

My students love this! Great addition to my John Williams unit. - Melody G.

So cute! I was happy to have the blank one as well so I could target all the skills we are working on!

This listening activity is perfect to use with my "Movie Music" and John Williams unit. - Virginia F.

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About the Composer

John Williams was born in Floral Park, New York, on February 8, 1932, to John and Esther Towner Williams. He was the oldest of four children. As a kid, Johnny learned to play the piano, bassoon, cello, clarinet, trumpet, trombone - and even formed a band with this friends. When John Williams grew up, he joined the Air Force where he conducted and arranged music for the bands. When he was discharged he enrolled in The Julliard School to study piano. Read more...


This resource was created and published under the "fair use" doctrine of the copyright law as it focuses on education. No logos or images from the movie are used. We only include original illustrations of characters from the movie to support what is being taught, in the same way for-profit magazines use excerpts of copyrighted works for articles in their publications.

You may make unlimited copies of this resource for you and your students. However, you may not distribute additional copies to friends and fellow teachers.