John Williams | Composer of the Month Music Lesson Bundle (Digital Print)

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John Williams | Composer of the Month Music Lesson Bundle

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Ready for a new composer of the month? This John Williams | Bulletin Board and Lesson Bundle is just the thing to jump-start your elementary music classroom composer unit.


6 - 8.5x11 Bulletin Board Posters
1 - 11x14.5 John Williams Portrait Poster
John Williams | Hey Kids, Meet the Composer Biography
John Williams Word Search Worksheet
John Williams Coloring Page
Hey Kids, Meet the Composer Job Application
3 - Star Wars Listening Glyphs
3 - Jurassic Park Listening Glyphs
3 - Indiana Jones Listening Glyphs
Star Wars Rap | Composition Worksheet and Lesson Plan
About Resources

Bulletin Board Posters
Our bulletin board posters help students focus on the main points to give them the best chance of remembering them. Posters included is a composer of the month, large and small portraits, general facts, top movie scores, and top awards.

Word Search Worksheet
The John Williams word search is designed to build reading skills, so it does not include the search words. Students must search for keywords in the John Williams | Hey Kids, Meet the Composer Biography (included) to find the words they feel are important about the composer. The About Resources page of this packet lists the search words.

Meet the Composer Job Application
Students fill this job application out for John Williams including all the facts they have learned from his biography.

Listening Glyphs
Ask students to identify what they hear in the scores for three movie soundtracks by choosing one crayon or another. Listening glyphs provide a great way to assess the whole class quickly.

Star Wars Rap
Make your next music classroom lesson a galactic adventure! This music composition lesson and worksheet give students their first opportunity to write music like Star Wars film composer, John Williams.

The Star Wars Rap composition worksheet provides the first half of the rap:

Darth has a Death Star,
Gotta blow it up.
Gotta save the galaxy,
Who will make him stop?

Students work to complete the rap with Star Wars character's names set to quarter and eighth note rhythms. When their compositions are completed each group performs for the class on non-pitched instruments.


This is a fantastic resource. It's very accessible and my students loved the format. Thank you! Kirsten B.

Great resource! - Patricia H.

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About Composer John Williams

John Williams was born in Floral Park, New York, on February 8, 1932, to John and Esther Towner Williams. He was the oldest of four children. As a kid, Johnny learned to play the piano, bassoon, cello, clarinet, trumpet, trombone - and even formed a band with this friends. When John Williams grew up, he joined the Air Force where he conducted and arranged music for the bands. When he was discharged he enrolled in The Julliard School to study piano. Read more...