Gioachino Antonio Rossini | Composer of the Month Music Lesson Plan Bundle (Digital Print)

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Rossini | Composer Lesson Plan Bundle

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Ready for a new composer of the month? This Gioachino Antonio Rossini | Composer of the Month Music Lesson Plan Bundle is just the thing to jump-start your elementary music classroom composer unit.

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4 - 8.5x11 Bulletin Board Posters
1 - 11x14.5 Rossini Portrait Poster
Meet the Composer Job Application
William Tell Overture Lesson Plan
William Tell Overture Listening Map
The Legend of William Tell Handout
William Tell Overture Recorder Sheet Music

Bulletin Board Posters
The bulletin board posters are purposefully sparse to help students focus on the main idea and to read them from across the room. Posters included are a composer of the month poster, large and small portraits, and posters that highlight Rossini's most important works.

Word Search Worksheet
The Gioachino Antonio Rossini word search is designed to build reading skills, so it doesn't include the search words. Students must search the Hey Kids, Meet Gioachino Antonio Rossini | Composer Biography (included) to find the words that define the composer. These are the words they'll use to complete the worksheet. The About page of this resources packet lists the search words, should they be needed.

Meet the Composer Job Application
Students fill this job application out for Gioachino Antonio Rossini including all the facts they have learned from his biography.

William Tell Overture Listening Map
The William Tell Overture listening map is a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-read, icon-based listening map for your upper elementary music students.

Legend of William Tell
Enhance your music lesson with the story of William Tell. This one page account will be a surefire hit with your music students!

William Tell Overture Recorder Sheet Music
Teach your upper elementary music students how to play the theme from William Tell Overture on the soprano recorder.

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About Composer Gioachino Antonio Rossini

Gioachino Antonio Rossini was born in Pesaro, Italy on February 29, 1792 into a family of musicians. Gioachino's parents began his musical training at a young age. At the age of six, he was playing the triangle in his father's band. Read more...