Toccata in D Minor (Bach) | Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Digital Print)

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Toccata in D Minor (Bach) Music Listening Glyph Worksheets

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Want to know what your primary students are hearing in the music you share and open their ears to even more? Listening glyphs allow K-3 students to express what they hear by choosing one crayon or the other, and allow teachers to assess the understanding of an entire class at a glance.

What's a Listening Glyph?

Glyphs are pictures of facts. A listening glyph asks students to identify the "facts" about a musical selection, and then express what they are hearing by choosing one crayon or another.

Example: Students are asked to listen for "Steady Beat." If they think the music is forte all the way through they color Bach's coat red. If they hear a variety of dynamic levels they color Bach's coat purple.


General Listening Glyph - The first listening glyph is set up for general use with any piece of music. Students will listen for repeated sections, if they hear dynamic contrast (soft and loud), a steady beat, changes in tempo, one instrument or many, if they hear drums, and if they hear scales.

Listening Glyph for "Toccata" from Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - This listening glyph asks students to assess Bach's Toccata in D Minor with an audio or video recording.

Blank Listening Glyph - This version of the glyph gives the greatest freedom. Blanks are provided so you can choose the things that you'd like your students to listen for.

About This Activity - This page includes instructions and lesson extension ideas.

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