Monsters in My Closet | Music Lesson Plan - K-3 (Drumming)

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This drumming lesson plan for the elementary music classroom teaches students drumming technique, and helps them to hear and repeat simple rhythms.


Grade K-3


Students will learn basic drum perfromance skills, and hear and repeat simple rhythms.


Monsters in My Closet (Rhyme) from the Monster Music Lesson Pack
4 Tubano Drums (or any non-pitched percussion instrument)

Lesson Prep

Write Monsters in the Closet rhyme on the white board. Ask students to sit in a circle on the floor. Provide tubano drums and chairs to four students.

'Monsters in My Closet' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Tell students, "Today we're going to learn the rhyme I've written on the white board called, Monsters in the Closet. As we say the rhyme, we'll play the rhythms created by the syllables on the drums."

Step 2
Tell students, "Let's read the first phrase of the rhyme together." Look to the white board and lead the students.

There were monsters in the closet,
That I could barely see.
With super creepy eyeballs,
Staring back at me.
My heart was beating faster,
as the clock tick-tick, tick-tocked.
But then I remembered what to say,
When the night bump, bump, bumps,
and knocks.

"Hey Monsters! I'm not scared.
You're just in my head.
It's time to put a smile on,
And finally go to bed.
It's time stop this spooky stuff,
Where you roam, and crawl, and creep.
It's time for every girl and boy,
to finally go to sleep."

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Step 3
Tell students, "I'll show you how to play the rhyme on the drums, and then you can try it." Demonstrate first phrase. Help students to understand that a good drummer doesn’t leave their hand on the drum after they play it. They strike the drum and pull their hand away to draw the sound out of the drum.

Step 4
Repeat for all phrases. Rotate the students to the drums in a clockwise fashion, giving each student a chance to play.

Step 5
Perform for teacher.

Add dancers. Choose four students to move around the circle, making claws and showing their teeth for the first half of the rhyme. Stand fast during the second half of the rhyme, with their hands on their hips. Students boldly proclaim, "Hey Monsters! I'm not scared. You're just in my head..."

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