Monster-Themed Music Lesson Plan Pack | K-3 (Digital Print)

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Monster-Themed Music Lesson Plan Pack | K-3rd Grade

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Pages: 34

Product Description

Ready for a month of monster-sized fun! Get monster-themed music composer lesson plans and resources, lesson plans for composition and drumming, treble and bass clef note name and rhythm worksheets, activity songs, and bulletin board posters. 34 pages. Unlimited reprints.


6 - 8.5x11 Monster Bulletin Board Illustrations
1 - 8x16 Monster Music Month Bulletin Board Poster (2 - 8.5x11 Pages)
Hey Kids, Meet Modest Mussorgsky (Biography)
Modest Mussorgsky Word Search Worksheet
Meet the Composer Job Application
Listening Glyph Guide
3 - Listening Glyphs (Night on Bald Mountain, General, Blank)
"Monsters in My Closet" Speech Piece
"Monsters in My Closet" Drumming Lesson K-3
"Monsters in My Closet" Music Composition/Dynamics Lesson Plan K-3
"Monsters in My Closet" Dynamics Lesson Manipulatives
Monster Activity Songs (Lyrics Only)
Monster, Monster (Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear) (Lead Sheet)
Monster Pokey (Hokey Pokey) (Lead Sheet)
One Monster (One Elephant) (Lead Sheet)
Monster Music Spelling Bee (Treble Clef Worksheet)
Monster Music Spelling Bee (Bass Clef Worksheet)
Monster Music Math (Rhythmic Value Worksheet)

"Monsters in My Closet" Speech Piece (Excerpt)

This lesson pack includes an original speech piece for the music classroom. An excerpt is included below.

There were monsters in the closet, That I could barely see.
With super creepy eyeballs, Staring back at me.
My heart was beating faster, as the clock tick-tick, tick-tocked.
But then I remembered what to say,
When the night bump, bump, bumps, and knocks.
“Hey Monsters! I’m not scared. You’re just in my head..."

"Monsters in My Closet" Music Composition/Dynamics Lesson Plan (Excerpt)

This lesson pack includes two fully scripted lesson plans for the elementary music classroom. They provide structure and guidance for the beginning teacher, and ideas to build on for the experienced teacher. Below is an excerpt from the music composition/dynamics lesson plan.

Step 6
Tell students, "I'm going to say the first phrase of Monsters in My Closet, and then I would like you to repeat it. Listen closely to how loud or soft I’m speaking because you will be choosing a monster to represent that dynamic level." Perform the phrase. Ask students to match your performance.

Step 7
Tell students, "Choose a monster based on what you just heard and place it on the floor in front of you.” Point to the correct monster on the white board...


I loved this resource, I actually used it for my fifth and sixth graders. We did the Monsters in my Closet Poem with drums and I actually assigned small groups to compose for each stanza. We had a classroom mini-performance and it was great! We also did the dynamics activity and we'd have one person leave the room and guess what the dynamics were for each line. That was fun too! Lastly, we did the listening glyphs which my kids love. THANK YOU! - Maddie S.

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