The Wee Little Scare | Music Lesson Plan (Orff/Steady Beat)

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The Wee Little Scare | Music Lesson Plan (Steady Beat)

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Get music students active and engaged with The Wee Little Scare music lesson plan that reinforces steady beat with a jump rope contest. Read the book, learn the song, learn the Orff instrument parts, and start jumping. Your music students will be singing your praises all the way back to their homeroom!

The Wee Little Scare Sing-Along Counting/Picture Book is a resource developed for the elementary music classroom, although it may be enjoyed at home as a counting book for young children. The easy piano/guitar sheet music can even be played as you read the book to your children.

A Note from Andy (Owner of
Watching kids jumping rope on the playground one day I decided to write a jump rope chant/song for a music classroom lesson. Kids would reinforce steady beat in yet another way - jumping rope - and the lesson might even be enjoyed further on the playground. We learned the song, learned the Orff instrument parts, and started jumping. We all had a great time, and in the final second grade jump-off the award-winning student jumped 200 times!


The Wee Little Scare | Fully-Illustrated Book
Easy Piano/Guitar Sheet Music
Music Lesson Plan
Orff Orchestration Sheet Music

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