High & Low Mix-and-Match | Pitch Lesson and Worksheets (Digital Print)

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High & Low Mix-and-Match | Pitch Lesson and Worksheets

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High & Low Mix-and-Match features a high & low prep worksheet and three activity worksheets to help K-2 students with beginning level pitch discrimination. Great for ear training and developing higher order thinking skills!

Students begin with prep worksheet which provides an easy introduction to high/low pitch discrimination. They follow with the Mix-and-Match worksheets by learning the song, cutting out mix-and-match measures, and placing them in the correct order based on the high/low patterns they hear.


Which Way? High & Low Prep Worksheet
Which Way? High & Low Prep Worksheet Answer Key
3 High & Low Mix-and-Match Song Worksheets

Diddle, Diddle, Dumping (Mother Goose)
Engine Engine No.9

High & Low Mix-and-Match Answer Key
High & Low Mix-and-Match Lesson Plan


Great resource! - Angela P.

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