Suck It Up! | Free Music Lesson Plan (Review Game)

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Review the facts from any music lesson with Suck It Up! - a fast-paced relay race with straws. Play it once and your students will be begging you to play it again!


Grade 2-6


Students will play a fast-paced game to drill the facts of previous music lessons.


Soda Straws
Suck It Up! Game Board and Answer Squares

Decide which music lesson facts you would like to review. Write 10 questions/answers for facts you would like your students to review. Transfer the questions to the printable Suck It Up! game board and the answers to the Suck It Up! answer squares. Cut the answer squares out of the answer squares sheet.

'Suck It Up!' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Tell students, "We are going to play a fun game today. To win this game you will have to correctly answer questions about things we have learned in previous music lessons."

Step 2
Review the 10 questions providing students an opportunity to answer the questions before you give them the answers. This will give you an excellent opportunity to evaluate your success with previous lessons.

Step 3
Review the rules to the game.

Goal: The goal of Suck It Up! is to carry the answer squares with your straw to the game board. The first team to answer all 10 questions correctly wins the game.

1) The game begins by dividing students into two groups (boys vs. girls perhaps) and then asking them to stand in a line.

2) When the game begins, the first student in each line runs to the Suck It Up! Game board on the table across the room. They read the question and then run back to the other side of the room to find the correct answer square. The student then places one end of the straw in his/her mouth and the other on the answer square and picks up the square by creating suction within the straw. The student then hurries from one side of the room to the other to deliver the answer square to the game board.

3) The second student in line may run to discover what the second question is as soon as the first student returns to his/her team and stands at the end of the line.

4) Students may not touch the answer squares until they are dropped on the game board. They may use their hands to place the square in the proper location on the game board.

5) Students selecting an incorrect answer may return with the square in their hands to select another answer.

Step 4
Play the game!

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