Rhythm Go "Round" | Free Music Lesson Plan (Musical Form)

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Grade 3-6


Students will gain an understanding of a musical round by participating in a follow-the-leader activity using body percussion. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #2 and #3 of the National Standards for Music: Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music: and Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments.


Whiteboard & Marker

Rhythm Go 'Round' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Write the word "round" on the board and tell the students, "We will be creating a round by playing a follow-the-leader activity using body percussion and rhythmic patterns. A round is a musical composition in which two or more parts perform the same melody (or rhythm), though begin at different times."

Step 2
Clap a 4 beat rhythm pattern and have students echo the pattern. Once students are comfortable echo clapping various 4 beat rhythm patterns, add other levels of body percussion rhythms including stamp, pat, and snap using one level per 4 beat rhythm.

Step 3
Tell the students, "When you can do this well, you will get to move to the advanced version. In the advanced version the leader continues to clap, pat, snap, or stamp a 4 beat rhythm pattern immediately after the first 4 beat pattern, rather than waiting for the follower to echo. The follower will be echoing the leader's rhythm while at the same time watching and listening for the next rhythm. Our performance will create a round."

Step 4
Begin the activity. Remember to keep the rhythms easy at first, and on one level. As students become more proficient, more challenging rhythms and body percussion levels can be added. Also, give students a chance to be the leader.

Step 5
After students have sufficient time to experience the game, ask the students, "What is the definition of a round?"

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