I Caught A Fish Alive | Free Music Lesson Plan (Rhythm)

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Grade K-2


Students will learn to play a quarter/eighth note rhythm pattern on percussion instruments. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #2 of the National Standards for Music: Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.


Non-Pitched Percussion Instruments
I Caught a Fish Alive | Rhyme

'I Caught A Fish Alive' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Tell students, "Today we will be learning a Mother Goose rhyme and then adding percussion instruments to the rhyme."

Step 2
Teach the rhyme, I Caught a Fish Alive, by having students echo each phrase.

Step 3
Ask the students to clap on the numbers while saying the rhyme. Show the rhythm on the board that they are clapping so that they will begin to associate the sounds with the musical symbols.

Tell students, "Once I see that everyone is accurately clapping the rhythm, we will play the rhythm on percussion instruments." Continue to practice until everyone is able to do it.

Step 4
Tell students, "Everyone is doing a great job clapping the rhythm, so we're ready to add instruments. I am going to say the rhyme two times. By the time I finish, I would like to have everyone sitting in a circle on the floor."

Step 5
Evenly divide the non-pitched percussion instruments around the circle. Ask students to place the percussion instrument on the floor until it is time to play it.

Step 6
Students with a percussion instrument perform first. When the rhyme is finished, the student who has the instrument passes it to their neighbor on the right. Perform the rhyme again. Continue performing the rhyme until everyone has had a chance to try an instrument.

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