Color-by-Note | Music Lesson Plan and Worksheets (Note Names)

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Want to get every student in your class engaged and learning note names? This lesson plan will do just that - and it's a great lesson for individual student assessment! Need more lessons for your sub tub. This one is easy for the sub and your students get a valuable music lesson while you're gone. Just leave the sub an answer key with the worksheets.


Grade K-3


Students will develop treble clef note naming skills by with a color-by-note worksheet. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #5 of the National Standards for Music: Reading and notating music.


Color-by-Note | Note Name Worksheet Pack

Color-by-Note Music Lesson Plan (Note Names)

Step 1
Tell students "Today we're going to get the crayons out. We'll be learning to name the notes of the treble clef with a worksheet that you will color. Let's start by writing each note on the staff that I have drawn on the whiteboard. Then I'll pass out the worksheets and crayons."

Step 2
Write the notes B-C (Middle C)-D-E-F-G one by one on the treble clef staff. Ask students the following questions:

1) Is this note a line or space note?
2) Which line runs through the note? or Which space it is the note in?
3) Who would like to come to the board and write the alphabet letter name for this note under the note.

Follow this routine for all six notes.

Step 3
Pass out the worksheets and crayons.

Step 4
Tell students, "To complete this worksheet you'll choose a part of the picture to color, see what alphabet letter is in that part, and then find the matching music note below. The color under the music note is the crayon you will need to color that part of the picture.

Step 5
Start coloring. Teacher walks around the room to observe student progress for help and grade book assessment.

Step 6
Congratulate students!

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