Bow, Wow, Wow | Free Music Lesson Plan (Round)

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Grade 2-6


Students will demonstrate an understanding of a round. This lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #1 of the National Standards for Music: Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.


Bow Wow Wow | Sheet Music (Music and Lyrics)
Optional Book: Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?" by Iza Trapani

'Bow, Wow, Wow' Music Lesson Plan

Step 1
Tell students, "We will be learning a round today. A round is a melody where one person or group starts singing the song while another person or group follows with the same melody a measure or two later. First we'll learn the song, 'Bow, Wow, Wow' and then we'll sing it and move it in a round."

Step 2
Teach the students the song, "Bow Wow Wow" by first chanting/echoing the words phrase by phrase and then adding the melody.

Step 3
Once students are confident with the song, tell the students, "Now that we've learned the song, let's try it as a round. You will start singing first and I will follow after you which will create the round. Be sure to sing with your classmates and not me."

Step 4
Next, divide the class into two groups and have them perform a round with one group being the leader and the second group being the follower.

Step 5
Teach the following movement to the song. Everyone is in a circle and faces a partner. On the words "Bow Wow Wow," the students stamp once on each word. On the words "Whose dog art thou" students place their hands in front of them, palms out and pat the rhythm on their partner's hands. On the words "Little Tommy Tucker's dog" students grab hands with their partner and switch places. On the last "Bow Wow Wow!" students stamp their feet as in the beginning of the song. On the last quarter rest, students jump/spin to face a new partner.

Step 6
Once the movement has been mastered, have one group of students make a circle with the second group making a circle inside (two concentric circles). Perform the round with movement. This makes a great visual of what a round is.

Optional Book
Enjoy the book, "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" by Iza Trapani with your students to wrap up the lesson.

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