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John Williams | Homeschool Music Lesson Plans

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Hey Kids, Meet Williams

John Williams (1932- ) American Composer, Conductor and Pianist


John Williams was born on February 8, 1932, in Floral Park, New York. In 1948 John moved with his family to Los Angeles, California. He later attended college near his home in Los Angeles where he began to study composition. After college he was drafted into the United States Air Force where he had the opportunity to arrange music for, and conduct the Air Force band. Read more....

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Appreciating the talent of a great composer is never richer than when you're playing their music. Ask your child's music teacher about including the study of John Williams' music in their music lesson.

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Download John Williams' Theme from Star Wars as your cell phone's new ringtone. Ask your kids who the composer is, or facts about the composer, when the phone rings. You may often find yourself asking, "Is that my phone" because you don't remember the ringtone, but your kids will be enriched.