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Free Online Music Lessons

from the MMF Music Library

Want to take a few music lessons from master musicians for free? We've selected high-quality music lesson videos from to help you be a great musician too.

Piano Lessons

Basic Skills
Essential Piano Technique | Free Online Video Lesson

Piano Lessons
First Song at the Piano | Prep Level
Finding C, D, E | Prep Level
How Far I'll Go (Moana) | Prep Level
Let it Go (Frozen) | Easy Piano

Funny Stuff
Funny Piano Duet

Recorder Lessons

Basic Skills
Introduction to the Recorder

Recorder Music
Hot Cross Buns
Jingle Bells
Ode to Joy
Old MacDonald
When the Saints Go Marching In

Flute Lessons

Basic Skills
Active Breathing for Flute
Making a Great Sound

Clarinet Lessons

Funny Stuff
Carrot Clarinet

Trumpet/Cornet Lessons

Basic Skills
Trumpet Tone Production Basics
Tone Production and Breathing Basics
Making Your First Trumpet/Cornet Sound

Guitar Lessons

Basic Skills
Basic Blues Shuffle for Guitar
Guitars and the Sounds They Make
How to Get the Pick Out of Your Guitar
How to Tune Your Guitar
Introduction to Guitar Strumming
Learn to Play Amazing Grace
Guitar Picking Patterns
Reading Guitar Tablature
How to String a Classical Guitar
Worship Guitar (Lesson 1)

Percussion Lessons

Basic Skills
Basic Jazz Drum Pattern
Five Stroke Drum Roll
How to Hold Drumsticks Correctly
How To Play The Drums
How To Tune A Snare Drum (1 of 2)
How To Tune A Snare Drum (2 of 2)
Introduction to Playing the Drumset

Bagpipe Lessons

Funny Stuff
Rubber Glove Bagpipe