Music Practice Tips for Kids: 5 Secrets to Success -

Learn five music practicing secrets, from this essential Music Academy lesson, that will help your kids the most of the time they spend practicing.

Music Practice Tips for Kids: 5 Secrets to Success (Lesson Transcript)

Whether you're a beginner or a professional musician, you need a practice plan to make practice time fun and effective. In this lesson I'll share five practice tips. Let's get started.

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Let's get going. Here's Tip #1: Know What You Want To Get Better At

Many students don't know what to do when they practice. They often play their piece from beginning to end and wonder what to do next.

If you can point to three places in your music that you want to get better at before you're finished practicing that day, you'll make tons of progress every day.

Tip #2: Know How Long You Will Practice

I set a practice goal for my elementary age music students of 20 minutes a day for five days a week. If you're a little older, try 30 minutes to an hour a day.

If you’re enjoying the piece your teacher gave you to practice, spend a little extra time this week and surprise your teacher.

Tip #3: Make Practicing a Habit

No matter how much time you practice, stay consistent. One of my students soon became one of my most talented students simply because she was consistent.

Pick a time to practice every day. Maybe it’s right after school? If you're homeschooling, plan a time during the day between math and spelling.

If you miss a day because mom took you with her to run errands or you miss a week because of a family vacation, it's okay. Just get back to your practice routine when you can.

You'll be happy you made practicing a daily habit because you'll soon see amazing results, and you'll be able to play the pieces you always wished you could play.

Tip #4: Practice Slowly

Practicing slowly might be #4 in this list, but it's the #1 thing I focus on with my music students.

Most students try to play something 4-5 times, when they could have gotten it right on the first try. All they had to do is slow down.

When I say, "Practice slowly" - I mean really slow. So slow it might make you crazy!

I tell my students, "You're only getting better when you play it right." Practicing slowly helps you get it right far more often.

Tip #5: Keep Trying

Music can be challenging at times - and even frustrating because you can't play something.

Your teacher always picks things for you to play that will challenge you. They want you to improve. Just keep trying! Eventually you'll be able to play your piece, and you'll feel great that you didn’t give up.

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