MMF All-In-One Piano Primer Lesson Book for the Young Beginner (Digital Print)

by Andrew Fling from Piano Sheet Music Index

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MMF All-In-One Piano Primer Book for the Young Beginner (Digital Print)

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Pages: 33

Product Description

The MMF All-in-One Piano Primer is a graded edition for young piano students that speeds progress by introducing them to a limited collection of musical elements, and then drills these elements sufficiently to gain mastery.

Right Hand Focus - The MMF All-in-One Primer begins with only one note in the right hand and expands from there. By doing so, students will be confident in their abilities every step of the way.

Limited Left Hand Chords - When students are ready, MMF All-in-One Primer introduces limited chord combinations in the left hand, and continues drilling for success.

Limited Dynamics - Dynamics are limited to mp and mf.

Limited Rhythms - With rhythm being the most challenging musical element to master, MMF All-in-One Primer limits the number of rhythmical symbols introduced to students. With only three rhythms and two rests to master (Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Whole Rest, and Quarter Rest) students are assured a successful and rewarding experience.


Color That Note Note Name Worksheet | Treble Clef
It All Adds Up | Basic Rhythms Worksheet
Middle "C" Warm-Up
Middle "C" and "D" Warm-Up
I Love Bubble Gum
Au Clair de la Lune
I Am a Gold Lock
Fudge, Fudge, Call the Judge
How I Love My Horsey
I Saw a Goat
Color That Note Note Name Worksheet | Bass Clef
Rhythm Connect | Basic Rhythms Worksheet
Doctor Foster
Purple Cow
Who's That Tapping at My Window
Jack Be Nimble
Do Unto Others
Hop On One Foot
Lucy Locket
Jim Along Josie
Banbury Cross
I Had a Little Hobby Horse
Let's Celebrate


This resource is impeccable and comparable to buying a Faber or Bastien piano method book. The kids loved the songs. They thought they were funny. The little worksheets were engaging and I could see my students becoming more comfortable with music theory. Absolutely great resource! - Maestra C.

Great Resource! - Shanlie Y.

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