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Lyrics for 'The Circus Song'

The circus came to town,
To the circus I went.
I didn't have a nickel,
I didn't have a cent,

The circus man said,
"To see the show without a cent,
I'd have to carry water,
For the elephant."

I carried water for the elephant,
Back and forth to the well I went.
My arms got sore and my back got bent,
But I couldn't fill up that elephant.

I said to the dude,
In the stand-up collar
"I'll bet you five bucks
That elephant's hollow"

He handed me a ticket,
Said, "First you'll see
The animals in
The menagerie."

First I sawed the lion,
And the lion roared.
I saw the wild sloth,
And the wild sloth snored.

I saw the wild snake,
And the wild snake hissed.
I saw the wild bee,
And the wild bee bumbled.

I saw mister possum,
Sittin' on a limb.
A big black bear,
Sittin' next to him.

I saw the little monkey,
Like in a zoo.
The wild rooster said,

I saw the hippopotamu,s
Splash in the water.
Trying to dance with
The crocodile's daughter.

I saw the gazelle,
And the big kangaroo.
I heard an owl holler,

I saw the wild donkey,
And the wild donkey brayed.
I saw the wild horse,
And the wild horse neighed.

I saw the wild seal,
And the wild seal barked.
I saw the giraffe,
And the giraffe yelled...

I went down to the circus tent,
I sure am doggone glad I went.
I saw the whole show - didn't cost a cent.
Because I carried water for the elephant.

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