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Lyrics for 'Run From The Farmer'

Oh it's one gobble, two gobbles,
Three gobbles, four.

We will run from the farmer
For there's no time to snore.

'Round and round we go,
All 'round the coup.

Run from the farmer,
Do the loop di-de-loop.

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Dance for 'Run From The Farmer'

One Gobble, two gobbles, three gobbles, four,
Partners face each other and perform this four beat pattern:
Pat Knees - Clap Hands - Hands on Partners Hands - Clap Hands

We will run from the farmer for there's no time to snore.
Partners grasp hands and move forward to the right and back, then forward to the left and back.

'Round and 'round we go, all round the coup,
Partners lock arms and run in a clockwise motion.

Run from the farmer do the loop-di-de-loop.
Partners grasp hands and raise them to an arch. Both partners pivot in place moving under the arch and back to their original position.

Learn the song and dance at a moderate tempo. Next, try speeding it up for a little extra kookiness!

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