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Bobby Shafto or Bobby Shafto's Gone to Sea is a Mother Goose nursery rhyme. It is associated with Robert Shafto, a British member of Parliament for County Durham. He used this song in his election campaign and was elected in 1730.

Rhyme for 'Bobby Shafto'

Bobby Shafto’s gone to sea,
Silver buckles at his knee;
He’ll come back and marry me,
Bonny Bobby Shafto!
Bobby Shafto’s bright and fair,
Panning out his yellow hair;
He’s my love for evermore,
Bonny Bobby Shafto!

Alternate version from The Real Mother Goose (1916)

Bobby Shaftoe's gone to sea,
With silver buckles on his knee:
He'll come back and marry me,
Pretty Bobby Shaftoe!
Bobby Shaftoe's fat and fair,
Combing down his yellow hair;
He's my love for evermore,
Pretty Bobby Shaftoe.

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