Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales: Breaking the Code (Workbook)

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Scale Sleuth™ | Musical Scales: Breaking the Code

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Pages: 15

Product Description

Music students break the secret code for the world’s most popular scales and learn the building blocks that will soon lead to an understanding of chords and harmony. This workbook includes three engaging worksheets that create "light bulb" moments into how music works and why scales are an important part of music study.

Example: Students learn the half and whole step pattern for the major scale and discover that all major scales are built with the same pattern. Then they build three major scales on the blank staves. The worksheet concludes with a "Scales in Action" example showing students that the melody for Joy to the World begins with a complete descending major scale.


Worksheet 1: Major Scales (2 Pages)
Worksheet 3: Minor Scales (3 Pages)
Worksheet 4: Mixed Scales - Egyptian, Octatonic, Blues, Whole Tone and Pentatonic Scales (3 Pages)
Scale Quiz (1 Page)
Answer Key (3 Pages)

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