The Megalodon | Easy Cello Sheet Music with Piano Accompaniment - Original

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The Megalodon | Easy Cello

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The most famous prehistoric shark that once ruled the seas is the Megalodon. This colossal predator reached lengths of up to 60 feet, stretching as long as a boxcar. This original score draws ideas from Gustav Holst's "Mars" from the Planets, to create a score for the young cello student that is dark, intense, and terrifying. Piano accompaniment included. Permission granted for instruction, public performance, or just for fun.


The Megalodon for Easy Cello with Piano Accompaniment

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About the Composer of 'The Megalodon'

Andrew Fling was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania in 1963. As a child he played clarinet and trumpet in the school band. He received his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Theory and Composition and K-12 music education certification at Arizona State University. He has shared his love of music by teaching kids in Christian and public schools, through private lessons, and through which he founded in 2007.