Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You | Free Sheet Music (Guitar/Piano Lead Sheet) - A Original

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Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You | Voice | Free Sheet Music - Guitar/Piano Lead Sheet

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Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! is a tribute to the creamiest and dreamiest of soft drinks. Gather your friends and family to sing one of the silliest silly songs ever! Free printable sheet music for voice, guitar, and piano for Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You!. Lead sheet with music, lyrics, and chords. Permission granted for instruction, public performance, or just for fun.


Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You | Music, Lyrics and Chords for Voice, Piano, and Guitar (1 Page)

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Lyrics for 'Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You!' (Kids Song)

Creamy, dreamy, fizzy brew,
Rootbeer, rootbeer, I love you.
Soon we will go to the store,
So my mom can buy me more.
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