MusicStars Online Music Competition 2024 | Video Showcase

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Welcome to the MusicStars 2024 video showcase. To learn more about the MusicStars, visit the MusicStars Online Competition FAQs page.

Participants for 2024

Students placing in the top three in their age group are designated a "Shining Star" and are awarded a trophy.

Students are listed in no particular order.

Beginning Elementary (Ages 6-8)

Elena L. (Age 8) Water Music by Handel
Danyella O. (Age 8) Old Woman
Abigail L. (Age 8) Sonata in C Major (Gurlitt)
Acacia T. (Age 6) Far Away
Jasmine T. (Age 8) Sweet Jasmine
Caleb B. (Age 7) Chihuahua on a Skateboard
Layton H. (Age 8) Peter Peter
Sierra C. (Age 8) Ocean Waves
Sophia N-L. (Age 8) Stained Glass Windows
Hebe W. (Age 7) Country Dance
Harmony W. (Age 8) Frolic
Annabela P. (Age 8) Proud Corazon
Rosali R. (Age 8) Prelude No. 1
Kaison J. (Age 7) Arabesque (Burgmuller)

Intermediate Elementary (Ages 9-10)

Jasmine S. (Age 10) Autumn Waltz
Ghenesis M. (Age 9) In the Meadow
Keya P. (Age 9) Centering
Jalen F. (Age 10) Video Game Master
Marco M. (Age 10) Carnival in Rio
Dani K. (Age 10) Indian Dance
Can Y. (Age 10) T-Rex Hungry
Veer P. (Age 9) Minuet in F Major (Mozart)
Evan L. (Age 10) Waltz in A Minor (Chopin)
Isabelle L. (Age 10) The Entertainer (Joplin)
Mariam T. (Age 10) Race to Neverland
Dani M. (Age 10) Trumpet Tune (Purcell)
Kamille C. (Age 10) Spring Song (Four Seasons/Vivaldi)
Yaleina C. (Age 10) Russian Sailors Dance
Malachi B. (Age 9) Hedwig's Theme (John Williams)
Avery F. (Age 9) Happy Together
Nhan T. (Age 10) Comedian's Galop
Austyn S. (Age 10) Feelin' Blue
Nadia and Naila Q. (Age 10 & 10) Carol of the Bells/Duet
Varun V. (Age 9) Rushing River
Reese U. (Age 9) Dromedary Dance
Anushka M. (Age 10) Waltz for the Young (Kohler)
Avyukth R. (Age 10) Turkish March (Mozart)
Lauren P. (Age 9) My Country, Tis of Thee
Emma G. (Age 10) Alouette
Philip T. (Age 9) Allegro Fantastico
Jameson C. (Age 9) Spring (Vivaldi)
Luka K. (Age 10) Minuet in G

Advanced Elementary (Ages 11-12)

Kyra P. (Age 11) Sonatina, Op.55, No. 1 by Friedrich Kuhlau
Alyssa H. (Age 12) She Taught Me To Yodel
Isaac O. (11) Egyptian Dance
Mia R. (Age 11) Experience
Charlotte H. (11) Frontier Frolic
Bailey T. (11) Part of Your World
Madelyn B. (Age 11) Elephant Stampede
Gregory S. (Age 12) Standing in the Need of Prayer
Marlene T. (Age 11) New World Symphony (Dvorak)
Madelyn Briggs (Age 11) A Little Night Music (Mozart)
Bryton N. (Age 12) Canon (Pachelbel)
Paige Q. (Age 12) Anitra's Dance
Emmett B. (Age 11) Star Spangled Banner
Avery C. (Age 12) Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends
Farhan A. (Age 11) When You Wish Upon a Star

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