MusicStars Online Music Competition (2022) | Video Showcase

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Welcome to the MusicStars Online Competition (2022) showcase. To learn more about the MusicStars 2022, visit the MusicStars Online Competition FAQs page.

Competition Participants for 2022

Festival participants are listed in no particular order.

Beginning Elementary (Ages 6-8)

Annabela P. (Age 5) Spring (Vivadi)
Lucas J. (Age 7) Best Day of My Life
Caleb B. (Age 5) The Clock Shop
Malachi B. (Age 7) With a Yo-Ho-Ho!
Ramona L. (Age 8) Jazzy Cat
Liana L. (Age 8) Gaston
Isabella M. (Age 7) Under the Sea
Rianshika M. (Age 7) Sonatina (Clementi)
Gabby M. (Age 8) The Elephant and the Flea
Reese U. (Age 7) Safari Friends
Oliver J. (Age 8) Dragon Dance
Morayo O. (Age 5) Robin Hood
Yazhini S. (Age 8) Moonlight Sonata
Claire F. (Age 7) Part of Your World
Dakota H. (Age 8) Remember Me
Maelia B. (Age 8) Old MacDonald
Sadie I. (Age 7) Colors of the Wind
Natalie D. (Age 8) Monster Truck

Intermediate Elementary (Ages 9-10)

Madelyn B. (Age 9) Hill and Gully Rider
Valentina V. (Age 9) I See the Light
Nitya G. (Age 9) Night Journey
Jessica S. (Age 9) Arabesque (Burgmuller)
Ananya G. (Age 9) Money Can't Buy Everything
Henry B. (Age 9) Ode to Joy
Marjorie M. (Age 10) Cool 'n Easy
JC U. (Age 9) Cat and Mouse
Sanad F. (Age 9) Surprise Symphony
Alyssa H. (Age 10) It's Always Been You
Gracelyn W. (Age 9) My Favorite Things
Lena C. (Age 9) Money Can't Buy Everything
Anushka M. (Age 8) The Calm
Madelyn B. (Age 9) Scarborough Fair

Advanced Elementary (Ages 11-12)

Layla H. (Age 11) Malaguena
Tavian B. (Age 11) Fiesta Espana
Nathaniel M. (Age 12) Thy Word
Lua L. (Age 11) Hey There Delila
Ezmerelda N. (Age 12) Colors of the Wind
JP T. (Age 11) Jingle Bells
Dayla J. (Age 11) Metamorphosis
Arianna M. (Age 11) Diversion No. 12
Paige Q. (Age 11) Fly Me to the Moon

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