MusicStars Online Music Festival (2020) | Video Showcase

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Welcome to the MusicStars Online Festival (2019) showcase. For information about participating MusicStars Online Festival 2020 - K-12 Edition, visit the MusicStars Online Festival FAQ's page.

MusicStars 2020 Results

Festival Participants for 2020

Beginner (Ages 5-8)

Ramona L. (Age 5) performing Smooth Sailing
Julia H. (Age 6) performing Mama's Bakin' Apple Pie
Katherine H. (Age 8) performing Pagoda in the Purple Mist
Tavian B. (Age 8) performing Chariot Race
Madelyn B. (Age 7) performing Jumpin' Jazz Cat
Keira K. (Age 8) performing The Entertainer by Joplin
Julian O. (Age 8) performing Misty Night Blues - Shining Star
Sarah E. (Age 7) performing The Unknown from Frozen 2
Lily E. (Age 5) I Am The Princess
Jaelyn A. (Age 8) performing Just a Spoon Full of Sugar
Weston C. (Age 8) performing Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter
Emilia H. (Age 7) performing Mickey Mouse March
Zoya R (Age 5) performing Thumbelina (Voice)
Abigail W. (Age 8) performing The Lion King/Medley
Anay B. (Age 7) Pokemon Theme
Kiyaan P. (Age 6) performing Mickey Mouse March - Shining Star
Delila H. (Age 8) performing How Far I'll Go
Delila H. (Age 8) performing Lily's Theme
Angela B. (Age 8) performing Menuet in G Major No. 114 by J. S. Bach - Shining Star

Intermediate (Ages 9-10)

Lua L. (Age 9) performing Phantom of the Keys
Elisa D. (Age 10) performing Saturday Night Stomp (Violin) - Shining Star
Elena L. (Age 10) performing Waltz by Brahms
Ashley R. (Age 9) performing Flamenco Fire
Ava J. (Age 10) performing No Limits - Shining Star
Amelie M. (Age 9) performing Canon in D by Pachelbel - Shining Star
Ilgar D. (Age 10) performing The Pursuit
Jonathan W. (Age 10) performing Zero Gravity
Zachary V. (Age 9) performing Tarantula's Twist
Makayla B. (Age 10) performing Treat You Better
Isabella W. (Age 10) performing Avengers Theme (Violin)
Daniel P. (Age 10) performing Pokemon Theme
Romi S. (Age 10) performing A Hiding Game

Intermediate (Ages 11-12)

Eloise L. (Age 11) performing Six Variations on a Swiss Song by Beethoven - Shining Star
Lauren Y. (Age 11) performing Misty Seashore
Malachi B. (Age 12) performing Fugue in C Major, BWV 953 by Bach - Honorable Mention
Annalee B. (Age 12) performing Ballade
Elana C. (Age 12) performing I Feel Pretty by Bernstein (Voice)
Henry D. (Age 12) performing Rondo Alla Turka by Mozart - Honorable Mention
Ben A. (Age 11) performing All of Me
Miranda O. (Age 11) performing Fantasia by Mollenhauer
Sophia A. (Age 12) performing Mister Sandman - Honorable Mention
Ashmit P. (Age 12) performing Bohemian Rhapsody - Shining Star
Lauren H. (Age 11) performing Trapeze Artist
Aimee L. (Age 12) performing Tarentella by Pieczenka - Shining Star
Marlen F. (Age 12) performing Skater’s Waltz (Violin)
Mateo W. (Age 12) performing Avengers Theme (Cello)

Intermediate (Ages 13-14)

Autumn K. (Age 13) performing Nocturne from Concerto in G Minor by Verhey
Hope S. (Age 14) performing My Heart Will Go on from Titanic (Cello)
Taj G. (Age 14) I Bought Me a Cat by Aaron Copland (Voice) - Shining Star
Brayden O. (Age 13) performing Persian Market
Annabel D. (Age 14) performing A Thousand Years (Violin)

Advanced (Ages 15-16)

Leah P. (Age 15) performing Montagues and Capulets by Prokofiev - Shining Star
Preston F. (Age 15) performing Now Praise, My Soul, The Lord
Miina E. (Age 16) performing 2nd Menuet from L'Arlesienne by Bizet
Shalya G. (Age 15) performing The Wizard and I by Steven Schwartz (Voice)
Josie D. (Age 16) performing Pirates of the Carribean Theme (Violin)

Advanced (Ages 17-18)

Abigail A. (Age 17) performing Bring Him Home - Shining Star
Scott R. (Age 18) performing To the Rising Sun
Harley C. (Age 18) performing Faith of our Fathers (Upright Bass)

Late Beginner (Less than two years experience/9-18)

Paul C. (Age 12) performing Moonglow
Charlie T. (Age 14) performing Amazing Grace (Guitar)
Anna B. (Age 10) performing Into The Unknown from Frozen 2 (Voice)
Anika S. (Age 14) performing Into The Unknown from Frozen 2 (Violin)
Theresa M. (Age 17) performing Clair De Lune by Debussy (Violin)
Lukas P. (Age 9) Super Mario Brothers Theme
Kali B. (Age 15) Clair De Lune (Violin) - Shining Star
Santiago M. (Age 11) Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival (Guitar)
Diego M. (Age 11) Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival (Guitar)
Henry Y. (Age 12) Theme from the Pink Panther (Upright Bass)

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