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Johann Pachelbel | Homeschool Music Lesson Plans
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Johann Pachelbel (Baptized 1653-1706) German Baroque Era Composer

Johann Pachelbel was born in Germany, in the city of Nurnberg in 1653. His father enrolled him in the St. Lorenz High School, though soon recognized Johann's musical potential, and arranged for outside musical training. Johann also showed such impressive academic abilities that he was allowed to attended various non-music classes at Nurnberg's Auditorium Aegidianum. These abilities also allowed him to gain entrance to the Universitat Altdorf in 1669, at the age of fifteen. In addition to his academic and musical studies, he served as organist at the Pfarrkirche. Read more....

Create a Writing Assignment
Write a few paragraphs on Johann Pachelbel that includes facts about his life and music. Then ask your child to complete the project by watching and comparing two recorded performances of Canon in D on The following questions will help to guide their critique.


1) What instruments perform in each recording?
2) How are both performances the same and different? Begin by listing the similarities and differences on a Venn Diagram, and then explain in paragraph form.

Print a Word Search
Build reading skills with a free printable Johann Pachelbel word search worksheet. Let your kids know how many words there are to find, and then ask them to complete the word search by identifying and circling the keywords found in the biography.

Johann Pachelbel Word Search

Play Pachelbel's Music
Give your kids a hands-on music making experience. Ask your child's piano teacher about including the study of Canon in D in their music lesson.

Canon in D | Piano Solo
Canon in D | Piano Solo - Play and Learn™ Series
Canon in D | Intermediate Guitar

Download a New Ringtone
Download Johann Pachelbel Canon in D as your cell phone's new ringtone. Ask your kids who the composer is, or facts about the composer, when the phone rings. You may find yourself asking, "Is that my phone" often because you don't remember the ringtone, but your kids will be enriched.

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