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Hey Kids, Meet Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) Czech Romantic Era Composer

Antonin Dvorak | Hey Kids, Meet the Composer Biography

Antonin Dvorak was born on September 8, 1841 in a small village in Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic. He was one of seven children. Antonin's parents recognized his musical talent, and at the age of six he began his musical training. He studied music in Prague and graduated as an accomplished violin and viola player before he was 20 years old. Read more....

Antonin Dvorak Writing Assignment

Write one paragraph on Antonin Dvorak that includes facts about his life and music. Next, ask your child to complete the project by watching a performance of Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, From the New World on YouTube, and answer the following questions.

1) Antonin Dvorak wrote Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, From the New World for the orchestra. Name at least 5 of the instruments that you see playing in the orchestra.

2) How does Antonin Dvorak make the first melody sound majestic?

3) People that make movies include music to enhance the story. What kind of movie would Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 in E Minor be perfect for? Why?

Antonin Dvorak Sheet Music, Worksheets, and Lessons

Appreciating the talent of a famous composer is never richer than when you're playing their music. Ask your child's music teacher about including the study of Dvorak's music in their music lesson.

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Hey Kids, Meet the Composer Worksheets (Famous Composers)

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Download a Famous Composer Ringtone

Download Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, From the New World as your cell phone's new ringtone. When the phone rings, ask your kids who the composer is or facts about the composer. You may find yourself frequently asking, "Is that my phone?" because you don't remember the ringtone, but your kids will be enriched.