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Hey Kids, Meet Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) Italian Baroque Era Composer

Antonio Vivaldi | Hey Kids, Meet the Composer Biography

Antonio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy. Antonio's father, Giovanni Battista, a barber before becoming a violinist, taught young Antonio to play violin and then toured Venice playing the violin with him. Read more....

Antonio Vivaldi Writing Assignment

Write a few paragraphs on Antonio Vivaldi that includes facts about his life and music. Then ask your child to complete the project by watching and describing a recorded performance of Vivaldi's Spring from the "Four Seasons" on The following question will help to guide their critique.

Do you think Vivaldi's Spring from the "Four Seasons" is a joyful composition? Explain why.

Vivaldi's music is often described as joyful, almost playful, revealing his own joy of composing.

Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music

Appreciating the talent of a famous composer is never richer than when you're playing their music. Ask your child's music teacher about including the study of one of the following pieces in their music lesson.

Spring (Four Seasons) Easy Piano Sheet Music/Level 2
Autumn (Four Seasons) Easy Piano Sheet Music/Level 3

Free Online Piano Lesson for Kids

"Spring" from the Four Seasons | Easy Piano Lesson for Kids

Music Lesson Plan Worksheets

Learn about Antonio Vivaldi with a printable famous composer worksheet.

Meet the Composer Job Application Worksheet
Antonio Vivaldi Word Search

Download a Famous Composer Ringtone

Download Antonio Vivaldi's Spring from "Four Seasons" as your cell phone's new ringtone. Ask your kids who the composer is, or facts about the composer, when the phone rings. You may find yourself asking, "Is that my phone" often because you don't remember the ringtone, but your kids will be enriched.