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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Homeschool Music Lesson Plans
from the Hey Kid's Meet the Composer Index

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1685-1750) Austrian Classical Era Composer

Preview and Print
Preview and print this free printable composer biography by clicking on the green button.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart in 1756 in what is now Salzburg, Austria. His father Leopold Mozart was choir master, a minor composer and an experienced teacher. When Mozart's sister Nannerl was seven, she began keyboard lessons with her father while the three year old Mozart watched with fascination. Read more....

Create a Writing Assignment
Write a few paragraphs on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that includes facts about his life and music. Then ask your child to complete the project by watching and describing a recorded performance of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on The following questions will help to guide their critique.

1) What is the tempo of this piece? a) Allegro b) Andante c) Largo

2) Symphony orchestras are large music ensembles that average approximately 90 musicians. Chamber orchestras have 50 musicians or fewer. How many musicians are performing in the orchestra?

3) Which of the following instruments perform in the video: Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass, Flute, Trumpet or Tuba?

Print a Worksheet
Learn about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a free printable worksheet.

Mozart Word Search Worksheet
Mozart Multiplication Connect-the-Dot Worksheet
Mozart Coloring Page

Play Mozart's Music
Give your kids a hands-on music making experience. Ask your child's piano teacher about including the study of one of these pieces in their music lesson.

Marriage of Figaro for Easy/Level 1 Piano Solo
Air for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo
Clarinet Concerto (Theme) for Piano Solo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Intermediate/Level 3 Piano Solo
Funeral March for Intermediate/Level 4 Piano Solo
Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) for
     Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Turkish March for Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Mozart | Free Piano Book for Easy/Intermediate Piano

Woodwinds and Brass
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Easy Flute Solo
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Easy Clarinet Solo
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Easy Trumpet Solo

Marriage of Figaro for Easy Harp Solo

Paint a Watercolor
Paint a watercolor portrait of Mozart. Begin by printing a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Coloring Page. Next, place your watercolor paper over the coloring page and hold it up to the window to trace the image. Need a few tips to help make your experience with watercolor painting great? Visit our art website,, for beginning watercolor lessons that will make your efforts a great success.

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