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Lullaby Songs and Rhymes
from the MMF! Songbook

All Through the Night
All the Pretty Little Horses
Amazing Grace
Autumn Lullaby
A Basque Lullaby
Brahms' Lullaby
Bye Baby Bunting
Dream Fairy
Good Night
Golden Slumbers
Good Night and Good Morning
Go to Sleep, My Teddy Bear
Here Comes the Sandman
Hush Little Baby
Irish Lullaby
I See the Moon
Japanese Lullaby
The Land of Nod
Lavender Blue
Little Fish
Little Sandman's Song
The Little Sandman with the Umbrella
Lullaby, Oh Lullaby

The Man in the Moon
Minnie and Winnie
Moon, So Round and Yellow
My Bed is a Boat
Now the Day is Over
Now the Sun is Sinking
Our Baby
Rock-A-Bye, Baby
Rocking Horse Cowboy
A Rocking Hymn
Scotch Lullaby
Sleep, Baby Sleep
Slumber Song
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Zulu Cradle-Song

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