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Pirate Quest™ | Music Terms Board Game (Digital Print)
from the Music Theory Worksheets and Flash Cards Index

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Pirate Quest™ | Music Terms Board Game (Digital Print)

Format: PDF Document/Digital Print

Pages: 8

Product Description
Ahoy there, Matey! Want to add some swashbuckling fun to your music theory skill building efforts? Pirate Quest™ provides young musicians with a printable pirate-themed game board and 30 basic music term cards to drill and practice. Mix and match the question cards to drill the musical terms they need to know. When they've mastered the first set, add more cards.

30 Basic Music Term Cards
9 "Walk the Plank" Cards
Game Board
Musical Term Answer Sheet

Players begin by placing a game token on start. (Students could use a coin or a token from another board game.) Each correctly answered question moves them one space closer to the end. With each incorrect answer, the player collects a "Walk the Plank" card. The first player to answer 12 questions correctly, without collecting three "Walk the Plank" cards, wins. Any player receiving three "Walk the Plank" cards sends them over the plank and they lose the game.

If students are playing without teacher guidance, students may check the Pirate Quest answers sheet to verify answer correctness.

Parents and Teachers
Mix and match. Pick and choose. Question cards for this game are interchangeable. Any combination of 10 cards may be combined to make a suitable set of questions that will challenge the student.

Some cards are marked with a red dot. These terms appear often in beginning method books, and are a recommended start for term memorization. Choose a set of 12 cards, and work toward mastery. When your child/student knows these terms well, select a new set. If they know some, but are having a hard time with others, pull the ones out that they know well, and add a few new ones.

Includes printable game board, 30 musical term cards, musical term answer sheet, "Walk the Plank" cards, and instructions.

For 2 to 3 players

Ages 6-12

This is currently my most requested game from my students. They LOVE it! I've added questions and tweak it to suit each student. And I haven't yet lost a student to 'the plank'. LOL - Chrissy K

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