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Flash Frog™ Flash Cards | Music Flashcards (Digital Print)

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Flash Frog™ Flash Cards | Music Flashcards

Format: PDF/Digital Print

Pages: 12

Product Description

Drill note names or play two classic games with Flash Frog™ flashcards. Created with the beginning music student in mind, helping them to drill essential music symbols and terms to help them feel confident and play great!


35 Frog/Music Symbol and Term Cards
35 Lily Pad/Answer Cards

Drill Note Names - Select a set of five cards to begin drilling note names. When those are mastered, add a few more.

Matching Game - Match a frog card with the correct lily pad card to make pairs. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win the game.

Memory Game - Flip the cards face down to play a memory/concentration game. Play with 8 cards or the whole set, depending on how many musical symbols you want to drill.


Thank you for a great resource!! - Angela P.

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