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Carnegie Hall Park™ | Music Theory Board Game
from the Music Theory Worksheets and Flash Cards Index

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Carnegie Hall Park™ Music Theory Board Game

Format: PDF Document/Digital Print

Pages: 8

Product Description
Carnegie Hall Park™ Music Theory Board Game was created with the beginning music student in mind, helping them to drill the things they need to learn to help them feel confident and play great!

Students navigate the Carnegie Hall parking lot with their own Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars, in this wacky musical symbols/musical terms game. The first player to collect 15 cards, with at least one card from each category, wins the game. Parking tickets are awarded for wrong answers.

Printable Game Board (Two Pages)
Instruction Sheet
24 Playing Cards
3 Parking Tickets
9 Score Cards
9 Blank Cards (For You to Add Terms and Symbols)

How to Win
The first player to collect 15 points with at least one point from each category wins the game. Players collect points by correctly identifying musical symbols or defining musical terms. Parking tickets are awarded for wrong answers. Collect 3 parking tickets and the player loses the game.

1) Tape game board together (2 pieces of paper)
2) Get one die from board game
3) Cut out playing cards and stack them face up in five piles

Yellow/Time Signatures
Magenta/Tempo Terms
Orange/Note Names

4) Review cards with students before playing the game. Doing so increases learning time, and helps students to have a more successful experience playing the game.

5) Provide each player with a score card

Game Play
Players begin at "Start". First player rolls die to determine space, and drives Matchbox car to that space. Player draws playing card with the color that matches the parking curb. If the player correctly identifies the musical symbol or defines the musical term on the playing card they record a point on their score card. The playing card is returned to the bottom of the stack. If the player is incorrect they are awarded a parking ticket and return to previous space. The playing card is returned to the stack. Players continue to move around the game board in a counterclockwise motion, draw cards, and collect points until one player has collected enough points (15 points with at least one point from each category) to win the game.

Teachers may chose to drill a more limited set musical elements. Players will move from one parking space to the next, ignoring the colors cards and colored parking curbs. The player wins if they successfully move their car completely around the board to arrive at Carnegie Hall before being awarded all three parking tickets.

Blank cards are provided if you wish to add more musical symbols and terms.

Customer Reviews
What a fun game! My students really liked this game. - Annie W.

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