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MMF! All-In-One Piano Book, Level 1A (Digital Print)
by Andrew Fling from the Piano Sheet Music Index

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MMF! All-In-One Piano Book, Level 1A

Format: Digital Print Book

Pages: 31

Product Description
The MMF! All-In-One Beginner Piano Course is intended for students with no prior musical experience. Each lesson is carefully sequenced to insure maximum success.

Many of the pieces in this method have partner pieces. They allow students to focus on developing specific skills, such as rhythm or meter, and should be practiced together. Theory worksheets, such as Color That Note! and It All Adds Up!, help students develop greater confidence with note naming and rhythm.

Introduction of the Piano Keyboard, the Staff, the Treble Clef and Bass Clef, Basic Rhythms and Rests, Time Signature and Piano Fingering
Color That Note! Note Name Worksheet | Treble Clef C Position
I Like Being Me by Fling
Georgie Porgie by Fling/Mother Goose
Color That Note! Note Name Worksheet | Bass Clef C Position
I Like Being Me (Bass Clef) by Fling
Mary at the Kitchen Door by Fling/Mother Goose
It All Adds Up! - Basic Rhythm Worksheet
Tick Tock by Fling
Hot Cross Buns | Traditional
Let Us Sing! by Fling
I Like Bananas! by Fling/Traditional
Cobbler, Cobbler by Unknown/Mother Goose
Mr. Botter's Cat by Fling
Pop! Goes the Weasel | Traditional
Higglety, Pigglety, Pop
Color That Note! Note Name Worksheet | Treble Clef G Position
Color That Note! Note Name Worksheet | Bass Clef G Position
Miss O'Leary's Cow by Fling
Little Boy Blue by Fling/Mother Goose
Daffydowndilly by Fling/Hawthorne
Old King Cole | Traditional
Diddle, Diddle Dumpling by Traditional/Mother Goose
Pretty Princess by Fling/Traditional
Jingle Bells by James Lord Pierpont
Snake Dance | Traditional
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MMF! All-In-One Piano Book, Level 1A
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