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Student classical guitars commonly are made from woods such as sycamore, sapelle, mahogany, cedar or rosewood. The type of wood that is selected to build an acoustic guitar plays an important role in the way the instrument sounds.

Classical guitars can be divided into three categories:

Solid Wood Guitars
Laminate Guitars (thin layers of wood glued together)
Solid Wood/Laminate Guitars

Solid Wood Guitars
Guitars made of solid wood resonate better than laminates, producing a richer and fuller sound. (This is also a more expensive guitar to make). All high-end concert guitars and some student models are made from solid wood. Solid wood guitars while producing a higher quality of sound, are also more fragile than laminate constructed guitars. This being the case, they may not be the best choice for the beginning student.

Laminate Classical Guitars
Laminate Classical guitars are a recommended choice for the advancing student. Laminate guitars are more durable than solid wood instruments and less likely to be affected by temperature or humidity. While not producing as rich a tone as a solid wood instrument, laminate instruments are very durable and less expensive because the cost of wood is the greatest factor in the price of a guitar.

Solid Wood/Laminate Guitar
The top or "soundboard" of an acoustic guitar is the most important part in the instrument's tone production. By only changing the top of a guitar from a laminated piece of wood to a solid piece of wood significantly improves the instrument's sound. Solid Top/Laminate Body guitars also are more durable than a solid wood instrument, providing another good alternative for the student guitarist.

Here's a list of accessories you'll need to keep your guitar looking and sounding great:

Guitar Case

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