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How to Select Drumsticks
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Here are some of the basics you should know when shopping for drumsticks for the beginning drum student:

1) The number of the drumstick refers to the diameter of the stick. The lower the number on the drumstick, the heavier the stick. Beginners should start on a middle weight drumstick like 5A, 5B or 7A.

2) Drumsticks are sold with wood tips and nylon tips. Either tip is suitable for beginners, though nylon tips will last longer.

3) Drumsticks are made from a variety of woods. The most common are Maple, Hickory, and Oak. Hickory and Oak are the recommended woods for beginner drumsticks, as maple drumsticks tend to snap a little easier.

4) After you have found the perfect drumstick, you will need to check to make sure it is straight. Place the drumsticks one at a time on a flat surface, and give them a gentle roll. A slight wobble is just fine. If the drumstick is extremely warped, try another set.

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