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Up in the Air, Junior Birdman | Lyrics

from the MMF Songbook


The Junior Birdmen of America was an organization founded around 1934 for boys interested in building model airplanes. It was promoted by the Hearst newspapers with the cooperation of the U.S. Bureau of Air Commerce.


Up in the air, Junior Birdman,
Flying so high off the ground,
Is it a bird, plane or Superman?
No! It's Junior Birdman upside down.

And when you hear the doorbell ring, (buzz, buzz)
When you see the badge of tin, (tin, tin)
Then you will know that Junior Birdman
Has turned his box tops in!

It takes five box tops,
Four box bottoms,
Three labels,
Two wrappers,
And one thin dime.


Up in the air...
Put arms up in the air

Junior Birdman...
Flap arms like a bird

Upside down...
Turn around

Flap arms like a bird

Put arms to sides

Put hands on hips

Ring bell

Badge of tin...
Hold badge that is pinned to shirt with both hands

Junior Birdman...
Flap arms like bird

Move hand from left to right as if taking off box top

Five, Four, Three, Two, One...
Show number of fingers

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