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I'm a Little Teapot | Lyrics & Beginner Piano Sheet Music

from the MMF Songbook

Lyrics for 'I'm a Little Teapot'

I'm a little teapot
Short and stout,
Here is my handle,
Here is my spout.

When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout,
Tip me over,
And pour me out!

Actions for 'I'm a Little Teapot'

I'm a little teapot (Point to self)
Short and stout (Round arms and touch fingertips together in front of body)
Here is my handle (Place left fist on hip)
Here is my spout (Bend right elbow, raise forearm and lower wrist to look like the spout of a teapot)
When I get all steamed up, Hear me shout (Remain in same position and nod head)
Tip me over and pour me out! (Tip sideways in direction of extended arm)

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I'm a Little Teapot for Beginner/Level 1 Piano Solo

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