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The Great Piano Teacher Quiz: 10 Questions to Ask

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One of the most exciting choices you will make as a parent is to help your child successfully define goals. Choosing clear and age-appropriate goals for your child will give them a sense of purpose that brings them the experience of mastering their world as they grow through various stages in their lives. As you define success goals for your child, be sure that they reflect your child's interests, skills and abilities, as well as your own.

Most children develop an early interest in music, singing, moving and creating music of their own. For most children, a more guided and enhanced music making experience is a welcomed event in their lives. For parents who have recognized musical interest in their child, next comes the task of finding a music teacher.

When selecting a private piano teacher, many families generally pick their child's teacher based on three criteria:

1. Who is the cheapest?
2. Who is the closest?
3. Who has time in their schedule on the right day of the week?

The following questionnaire is offered to help caring and involved parents make an exceptional decision that may very well be the difference between short-term enrichment and life-long joy of learning and music.

Great piano teachers love what they do causing students to love what they do. It makes all the difference.


What attracted you to teaching piano?


Have you ever provided piano lessons to the same student for more than two years? (15 months is average) It isn't hard to motivate a child to play an instrument. Great piano teachers know how to sustain the interest.


What will you do to inspire my child to learn piano, to catch the excitment, to encourage practice time?


Are you creative and will you step outside of the piano lesson book to play games and make learning an adventure?


How often do you schedule recitals? Great piano teachers offer opportunities to perform because recitals inspire practice time.


Where are they generally held?


How many years of experience do you have?


What is a common challenge among beginning piano students and what will you do to work through this challenge?


How will you communicate weekly goals?


How will you determine if my child is successful?

With these questions answered you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect teacher.