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More Stuff to Get Your Students Chezzin' Mad Hard | February 2012
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Happy Valentine's Day!

In case you missed it, we've started the new year with a new theme... Stuff to get your students chezzin' mad hard! My wife and I like to watch What Not To Wear on TLC when we get the chance, and there was a girl on the show that used the phrase, "cheezin' mad hard". She liked the way she looked in her new outfit. It took me a moment to figure it out, and then it cracked me up! If your still wondering, cheezin' mad hard is smiling really big! Thus, our focus this year will be to provided you with ideas that will send the fun into overdrive, and ideas that will make your teacher experience even more rewarding.

Please welcome to our family of sites. Our brand new site is jam-packed with fun and interesting stuff like MMF! - just rootbeery!


New Stuff

Sheet Music
We've added a new arrangement to MMF!...

A Tisket A Tasket | Traditional for Piano

and a brand new silly song for easy piano solo on

Creamy, dreamy, fizzy brew,
Rootbeer, rootbeer, I love you.
Soon we will go to the store,
So my mom can buy me more.

In a tutu I will dance,
Even in my underpants,
I will dance so all can see,
That you fill my heart with glee.

I'm a lover of rootbeer. Yep, it's true. So I decided the world needed a rootbeer song. The second verse actually came to me in the course of about 15 seconds, as I was driving. I quickly pulled over and wrote it down. I wasn't sure if we needed another song with an underwear reference, but it seemed funny all the same. I tried it out with a few of my students last week. One of them laughed so hard that she could barely concentrate on her lesson. (I think that's still a good thing.)

Sheet Music on
Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! | Sheet Music for Easy Piano
Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! | Sheet Music for Guitar
Rootbeer, Rootbeer, I Love You! | Lyrics Sheet

Chezzin' Mad Hard Ideas for the Music Teachers
Ever tried to teach the order of the flats and sharps, but just didn't quite know how to effectively help kids learn this information. Here's an acrostic to get the order learned quickly.

The first letter of each word is the sharp/flat. In one direction the phrase represents the sharps. In the reverse direction it represents the flats.

Sharps - Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

Flats - Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father

Thanks for your interest in our resources,

Andy Fling

Shelly Nierman
Website Development Associate/Teacher

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