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Does keeping track how much each student owes you bum you out? Tired of forgotten lesson times? Sharing books with students, and never getting them back?

Music Teacher's Helper may be just what you need. This web-based software program was designed by music teachers, for music teachers, to make managing your studio easier than ever. Easily manage billing, lesson schedules, communication and income tax records. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

No More Billing Problems
Your billing problems are over! Music Teacher's Helper software allows you to print billing statements, and send invoices by e-mail automatically. You and your students will always know just how much they owe. Students can even pay you online with a credit card. It's easy!

You can also record your teaching expenses, such as new reeds, music or recital treats and then run reports at the end of the year. Keeping things organized makes tax time a breeze!

No More Forgotten Lessons
Your Music Teacher's Helper software comes with a live calendar. You and your students can view lesson times from home and never miss another lesson!

Students can also check the weekly assignments, and record their practice times!

Includes a Free Studio Website
Every Music Teacher's Helper account (the free plan too!) comes with your own personalized studio website. Show your own flair with one of several designs, list your teaching policy, communicate about upcoming events, and share photos of your students.

"I can honestly say that Music Teacher's Helper is indispensible for me in managing the booking, scheduling and payments of my husband's students. It's completely changed the way I handled the business, made everything so much easier, more accurate and reliable. And it's a great convenience to our students as well. Many of our students mentioned the weekly lesson reminders, monthly invoices and the ease of scheduling and payments as one of the things that set our teaching studio apart. When a software program can not only make handling the business end of things easier, but actually be a selling point as a benefit to the students as well, it's definitely a winner!"

Chris & Tina Meadors - Guitar, Drums, Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin Teacher | Encinitas, California

"I have enjoyed using Music Teacher's Helper enormously and it is, hands down, the best tool created to help private studio teachers organize and manage the myriad details necessary to keep a studio running smoothly. I have over forty students, and my students and parents rave about this site. My students especially enjoy being able to see all they accomplished in their last lesson and also see future targets awaiting their practice. Parents not only enjoy knowing how their money is being spent but appreciate being able to see payment verification the same day as payment. I have been able to do away with the paperwork of writing receipts. Hallelujah!!

Thanks for the fine help of your tech staff in guiding me through the technical issues that face someone who is technologically challenged as I am, and for providing such a well designed and user friendly service. It is FAR more enjoyable to be a teaching musician than a secretary/treasurer.

I can't recommend this site highly enough to my teaching colleagues. If they don't subscribe to this site, then they are working much too hard and teaching much less than they could."

Robert Browning - Cello, Double Bass, Viola, and Violin Teacher | Cincinnati, OH

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